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Old Growth Ventures Completes Its First Historic Renovations in Old Sixth Ward

Old Growth Ventures, which specializes in historic re-developments, announced it has completed its first two historic renovations, 908 1/2 Sabine, known as 910 Renner, and 908 Sabine St. While the two projects were delayed by Hurricane Harvey, they were completely rehabilitated to both National Park Service

standards and as per the City of Houston Certificate of Appropriateness. Neal Dikeman, CEO of Old Growth Ventures said, "we are very pleased with outcome, and would like to thank NPS, the Texas Historic Commission, Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission, as well as architect Grayform Architecture, and Solutions Builders for their work on this project. These are the first 2 of over 100 historic renovations we have planned. It is exciting to rehabilitate antique houses that have not been in service in Houston in decades, and know they will now be serving families in Houston for another century.

OGV said in its statement, "It is fitting that they are done on Sabine St, recently restored and one of Houston's only remaining original brick streets, and in in Old Sixth Ward, Houston's original National Register Historic District."

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