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Furnished Living Room

Great Space

We look for livable spaces with charm

Layout - you can't fix bad flow.  Does the house have good entry appeal, easy movement to the backyard, no wasted space.

Location - Not only is it the right neighborhood, but is it on a good street, close to amenities, where we'd want to live.  

Light - Does it have good windows and natural light?

Landscape -  Are there trees, open yard to play in?  Is the house well set on the lot so you can use your yard?

Livable - When you put it all together, is this a house someone will want to stay in for a long time, and make a home?

Lagniappe - And finally, what's the little something extra that makes the house:  the charm, the character that makes this home a unique property. As simple as a great quartersawn oak floors, the right built-ins or fruit trees?  Or as stunning as shiplap walls or craftsman woodwork?

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