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Old Growth Ventures receives Certificate of Appropriateness to rehab a pair of Heights Bungalows

We are pleased to announce receipt of a two Certificate of Appropriateness to rehabilitate a pair of historic bungalows in Houston in heart of the Historic Heights at 1217 Tulane and 1219 Tulane.

Built from the 1890s-1920s, Houston Heights was Houston's first "suburb", and its own town until it joined with the City of Houston. It has long been one of Houston's finest inner core nieghborhoods, with amazing walkability, architecture, and location, and Houston's largest collection of original Craftsman style homs. Many of the homes are beautifully restored, and the neighborhood historic houses and its look and feel is protected by 5 Historic Districts.

Old Growth Ventures principal Neal Dikeman would like to thank the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC) and the City of Houston's Historic Preservation Office in the Department of Planning and Development for approval of our project to save and rehabilitate this 110+ year old home. Old Sixth Ward is one of the most dynamic and well preserved, thanks in large part to an active neighborhood association. We would also like to thank Grayform Architecture who undertook this project.

1217 and 1219 Tulane are each unique and fine examples of Craftsman and bungalow architecture and living. They were built together in around 1920, and elegantly designed as a pair to be pleasing, economical, and livable. Though they look almost identical, and are designed with very similar, dimensions, craftsman bungalow styling, interior layouts, and colors, they are filled with subtle differences. 1219 on the left is the smaller home, set slightly forward on the lot, with slightly more ornate touches, narrower tapered porch columns and double front windows masking its smaller footprint. The larger 1217 with its fewer ornate touches allowing a larger footprint for similar cost, and the designer masked its relative plainness with proximity and similarity to the more ornate 1219, and location set slightly back. Inside the typical bungalow floor plan allows great living in small square footage - the kind of design touches, flow and built-ins that made the "tiny houses" of the past so livable.

We look forward to an open house to show off our rehabilitated historic property.

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